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Author: Joseph Fatheree

Professional Learning:  Anytime and Anywhere

Recently, while on a trip to Washington, DC, I experienced one of the best professional learning opportunities of my career. My classroom was located in one of the thousands of taxi cabs that travel the floor of the city much like a colony of ants in the Brazilian rainforest.  The teacher; an Indian cab driver from Bombay.  His lesson centered around the importance of people learning how to overcome the barriers of racial divide to address the needs of humanity.  The message was powerful.  Components of the discussion will find their way into my classroom this fall.  I only wish...

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Children Don’t Have to Fear the Future

The Problem My classroom bubbled with anticipation as the final bell of the year came to life. I turned my attention to some pressing paperwork as students emptied the building for summer vacation. The door closed. The room filled with silence. Lost in work, I was startled by a soft whimper. I raised my head to discover one of my seniors sitting across the room staring out the door. Tears streamed down her face. I walked over and asked what was wrong. Her answer still troubles me. “I’m afraid to walk out this door. I have no idea what...

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