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Month: February 2017

Fake News is a Real Threat to the Next Generation of Leaders

Imagine the unthinkable. Turmoil and disillusion envelope the White House. Public support for the President of the United States plummets. The press rushes forward to cover the event when an unsuspected war breaks out. Against all odds, the beaten president rises from the ashes to valiantly protect America’s interest. The 4th estate writes the story into legend as public support skyrockets. However, there is a problem. The war isn’t real. White House staff members hired a Hollywood producer to create a “fake war” in order to shift public attention away from the president’s issues long enough to get him reelected. Audiences chuckled in...

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Maybe It’s Just That Simple

I host a Virtual Coffee House conversation once a month with the Vareky Teacher Ambassadors.  The teachers in the ambassador program have been  identified as some of the top educators in the world by the Vareky Foundation as part of the Global Teacher Prize. Our most recent conversation focused on the Sustainable Development Goals that were created by the United Nations and how teachers can empower students with the skills they need to make the goals a reality. It was amazing to have the opportunity to participate in a conversation with teachers from literally every part of the world whose lives...

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